Reporting Via Iphone

We’ve all heard the rumors/warnings by now. Not only will you, as a PIO, have to contend with the mass media, but you’ll also have a new breed of “citizen journalists” pounding you with questions. (As an aside, I would add hyperlocal journalists to this list of people we’ll have to deal with.)

Armed with the latest pro-sumer grade equipment, now anyone can report on breaking news, we’ve been told. Well, it’s happening, but not like they told you.

I’ve heard in the past about Neal Augenstein, a WTOP radio reporter who has converted his content production process over to his iPhone–completely. You can read all about his setup (from six months ago!) on this guest post he did for PBS MediaShift.

The reason I bring it up now is that he recently held a one-hour webinar on how to report using just a smartphone (which unfortunately I couldn’t be on). Ladies and gents, your early adopters are now reaching your early majority (five points for getting the diffusion of innovations theory in there).

And if you’d like to follow up on Mr. Augenstein’s setup, he’s got a Tumblog dedicated solely to iPhone Reporting.