What Makes Kik So Popular?

Kik Messenger is an application for instant messaging through mobile devices. It is free to use to all Android or iOS operating systems. You have to have a mobile data activated or a wireless connection in order to send or receive instant messages. By using Kik you can also share photographs, drawings, web pages, sketches and other things. In order for you to use Kik messenger you have to open an account and register with a username. There are lots of Kik usernames available, but if you cannot choose then there are many random name generators where you can pick your

In today`s modern times, lots of people are using instant messaging services and social applications in order to constantly keep in touch with their family and friends. Smartphones and other mobile devices are no longer luxury, but an everyday necessity through which people are communicating with each other. The newer generations of mobile devices are having lots of innovative features that revolve around text messaging. Kik messenger allows you to send and receive instant messages without cost. It is really easy to set up an account and use Kik as you go.

Many mobile operators are offering packages with lots of free messages included, but at the end it still costs more to use regular messaging. Kik messaging has a nice and simple layout. All you have to do is just download the application and use it without worries. This application is especially popular amongst the teenagers and young adults that do not want to spend lots of money for their everyday communication. Kik messenger is very similar to the BlackBerry messenger, and it is designed and modeled after it.

Sending and receiving messages is totally free amongst the Kik users, and sending messages to other operators costs less than a penny. A very good thing is that Kik prevents their users of being charged with international expenses, by giving them a local phone number that they can use in order not to pay huge amounts of money for roaming. The application gives you a notification when you receive a message, and it also informs you whether the message you have sent was received by the person who is receiving it. If you have a BlackBerry mobile device, then you cannot download the Kik application, because their messaging applications are very similar and BlackBery does not allow the install.

Kik application exists for a few years now, but it gained bigger popularity in the last couple of years. Today, Kik has a couple of hundred million of registered users and that number is constantly rising. Other great thing regarding Kik is that the application uses a nice feature that can blur instant messages from strangers. That way the user must opt-in and allow first to view the message, photo or other content that is sent by people that are not in their close group of friends. If the user thinks that the content might be offensive or something similar, it can block, delete or report the unknown sender.