Virtual Reality is Becoming More Real than Ever

The term virtual reality is an association for sci-fi movies and novels for many people. However, only few months after their introduction, Oculus Rift version DK2 head-mounted display has become available in many different countries around the world. Of course, it is still unavailable on the market, but users can test it on many fairs, conferences and gaming stores.

The user who wears these glasses/helmet has a feeling that they are present in some other space because the only thing they see in their sight is the environment created by a computer. Although this model is designed for further development, it still represents a sufficiently developed product because it is based on the same technology used in smartphones.

In this case, Oculus Rift DK2 users are looking at a Samsung Note 3 display through two lenses. The sense of three-dimensionality is complete because the visual experience is equally transmitted to both eyes. The ability to turn around and look things to the side provides a complete sense of presence at the scene.

There is different content specially designed for Oculus Rift and some of them include rollercoaster experience whose stunts will definitely prepare users to play in this virtual reality. The feeling that perhaps is most fascinating is the virtual G-Force which provides the sensation of falling or moving although the player actually sits in an ordinary chair.

Although this is not a final product, this bet version of Oculus Rift represents an important step in the development of technology related to this new media. The product currently has a 1080p screen, an image with 75fps, short persistence pixel brightness, insertion of dropped frames and many other features.

According to the latest news, the first version for users should appear this fall and it will have a display of 1440p, speed of 90fps, incredible design and a price of about $250.
The story of this new type of media started about three years ago when the promising young developer Palmer Luckey decided to materialize his idea. He presented a tablet connected with two lenses of magnifier with the help of box tape. In this way, the image fills almost the entire visual field of the user and every movement of the head is being escorted with the same sensors through which smartphones and tablets recognize that you are in a landscape or portrait position.

The user cannot see the edge of the screen or the outside world in these moments, but only the edge of the mask which makes the brain believe that the person is in a real world that is actually generated by a computer. This phenomenon is called virtual reality. John Carmack, a famous innovator and creator of the first software which allowed creation of 3D games, was impressed by this discovery and decided to create a project which resulted in Oculus Rift.

It is worth mentioning that this is not a new idea and people have started similar projects in the 1960s, but this is the first time for humanity to be so close to experiencing the true meaning of virtual reality.